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Batons was the first band I started upon my move to Portland, Maine from Boston. I decided to jump from behind the drums to guitar and vocals to write some songs of my own. Fortunately for me, the only person I knew when moving to Portland also happened to be a drummer who had played a couple of shows with me at Great Scott in Boston (RIP). Mike Medina and I started jamming together and cobbled together most of the songs that appear on the first self-titled release before he convinced his buddy who he played music with in LA to join in on the bass. Andy Gaudette rounded out the trio and the three of us released two records and played out locally.


Batons - cri de cœur - Album Art.jpeg
cri de c​œ​ur
Released: 5/7/2021
Batons - Batons - Album Art.jpeg
Released: 1/26/2019
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