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Big East the Band

Big East


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In a land full of quiet folk and hip-defying dance beats, Big East has set out to do the one thing they know how: rock. After gaining exposure with their debut album Condita (Naked Ear Records) the band has been tirelessly working on songwriting, as well as crafting their live shows into a veritable three-ring circus. The band combine the classic blues, soul, and rock & roll ideas of their musical forefathers with an urgent and modern indie-rock vibe. Big East crafts their songs with an impressive whiskey-soaked precision that pulls on heartstrings, raises fists for pumping and allows for all who listen to get down.


Big East - Stranded - Album art.jpeg
Released: 5/13/2011
Big East - Camel Blues - Album art.jpeg
Camel Blues
Released: 2/26/2011
Big East - Thundercross - Album art.jpeg
Released: 2/15/2012
Big East - Condita - Album art.jpeg
Released: 1/7/2010
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