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Solo / Sizewise


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Sizewise was the moniker I gave myself way back in high school and was the pseudonym I used for all of my solo music until 2020 when I released the "Beneath the Surface" single. Over the years, I struggled a lot with taking myself too seriously and seeking perfection. What's ironic is that these are anything but perfect. But now I can appreciate this work as snapshots in time of my personal and musical journeys, and the foundation from which I can continue to refine my songwriting and tell my story. If you want to hear more raw versions of these and other ideas, there are plenty of demos on my Soundcloud page. For something a little more upbeat, check out my latest solo project WishcamperThanks for listening!


Justin Emile Shapiro - Beneath the Surface - Album Art.jpeg
Beneath the Surface
Released: 4/27/2020
Sizewise - Album art.jpeg
Released: 5/15/2015
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