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Brand new project, collaboration, and release for 2024 RPM Challenge

My friend Seth and I have been playing out regularly for at least a couple years now doing cover tunes in various forms and fashions - dueling piano shows, a residency at a Willow's Restaurant in South Portland, private functions, the Italian Heritage Festival in Downtown Portland... I even got to sit in on the drums for a wedding! We talked regularly about collaborating musically on some original music but you know how life is... things get busy, attention is divided, etc.

So when my long time friend and recording partner, Jon, asked if I wanted to collaborate on a stoner rock record for the 2024 RPM Challenge - a global creative challenge to record original music in February - I figured it was a good opportunity to bring Seth into the fold. The simultaneous great and terrible thing about being forced to record an album in the month of February is that you don't have enough time to second guess yourself or quibble over details. You just splatter paint your ideas down on a canvas relying on the skills you've developed over the many years you've spend playing music and see what comes out.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be in the company of two incredibly talented musicians in Seth and Jon and proud to have been a part of a record that sounds as though the three of us could have been working on this for much longer than the time we had available. I hope you'll enjoy these 6 heavy, fuzz-filled tracks as much as we enjoyed recording them.

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